How SEO works and how to make sure your website is SEO friendly

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July 16th, 2019

We live in an age when we are in doubt or in need of some information, to not google it will surprise people and you will be treated as the odd one.

I myself must admit that when I don’t know something the first thing I do, is reach out to my phone and google it!

But let’s be honest, the era of digitalization has so much pervaded our lives that even to make some important life decisions or to know the pros and cons of an over the counter item, we refer to the internet Gods: The online search engines.

There are many search engines besides Google, but 83% of internet users use Google to look up any facts. Foremost, they rely totally upon it.

 If you are reading this blogpost, you probably already have an idea of our important it is to be visible somehow online.

Since the internet has become such an integral part of our everyday lives, it is essential for every business organization to exist on the internet.

Otherwise, they (we!) just cannot survive. It’s tough to get noticed on the internet, especially if your organization is new as there are more than 330,000,000 registered websites.  

 You have to maintain the visibility of your business in order to survive on the internet.

Hence, it should be of central interest to you that you practice good SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the primary components of digital marketing.

If practised wisely, it can help your website to rank high up (maybe on the first page too). It has become a must-have tactic if you want your organization to be found in the search results of a relevant keyword.

In this blogpost I’m only going to scratch the surface to give you some small but very effective tips on how to make sure that your website is SEO friendly.

But the topic is much broader than this and I will get back to it hopefully soon with a more extensive guide.

How SEO works and what should you know about it:

First of all, let’s try to work out how search engines work. Search Engines use web crawlers that crawl over billions of pages and fetch out the relevant content.

These crawlers are called search engine bots or crawlers. Good SEO practices will yield organic and natural results.

There are paid services like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which provide you with a top position in the form of ads in the search results.

So, what are the necessary steps and procedures that you need to adhere to in order to help your website rank better?

Use keywords wisely

The purpose of search engines is to provide the best results for its users. Try making your content rich in quality and relevant to the search engines by incorporating proper keywords to make it functional for on-page SEO. But, do not think that more keywords means more traffic to your site. If you add up way too many keywords, search engines may label your content as spam, or you can be demoted too. Do not try to manipulate the system.

One of the important on-page SEO includes:

  • Internal links: useful links in your website which the user can refer to.
  • The title of the post should have enough keywords to catch attention.
  • The title of your website must be pertinent. For example, if you wish to write about wood-crafting, the title of the website should be something like the art of Wood-crafting or the new age wood-crafters.
  • Maximize the speed of your website’s page loading speed. You don’t want to try the customer’s patience if you want a more efficient SEO ranking.

Be mindful of black hat SEO techniques!

Quick short-term progress will result in a long-term misery if you are only interested in SEO to increase your content ranking quickly.

Selling or farming links are among the most popular techniques among black hat SEO users besides page stuffing.

Get the help of an SEO consultant. But before applying his methods, check his credentials properly.

If the SEO consultant suggests some black hat techniques, remember that both the SEO consultant and the network administrator will be held liable.

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