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September 22nd, 2019

In the market of today, it is very usual for even the smallest establishments to perform at least some business online. And whether you have an e-commerce storage or you need to enable online bookings, you can’t have an online presence without creating a business website, and this is very much evident in every online business.

But if you don’t have the cash to obtain the services of a freelance web developer, or you aren’t tech-savvy, should you give up? Certainly not. There are several small website tools that assist owners create potential and properly-designed business website, at an affordable cost. 

The ideal website builder for small business differs from business to business. Therefore, when you are in search of a business website tools, think meticulously about what you require for your small business. If you feel that you could completely customize your small business to suit your requirements with a certain tool, then that is likely the best tool for you.

While in search of the best tool required to design your small business website, you will want to go for balance: the ideal platform has a wide collection of functionalities, but is quite user-friendly and intuitive to utilize.

Generally, an ideal website tool builder:

  • Assist you to comfortably select your domain name
  • Provides an extensive array of website templates
  • Own several mobile design capabilities
  • Makes gallery and photo uploads stress-free.
  • Provides a shopping cart service ( if you are selling products online)
  • Synchronize with all your social media accounts
  • Comes with a pricing structure that is very affordable

Since there exist several tools for designing small business website, we are going to help you select the best 7. These 7 tools are a perfect fit for designing a small business website on a budget.

1. Wix

If you are in search of a host that comes with a panoply of design templates, then wix might be that small business website tool you’ve been looking for.

This tool provides several free design template that is compatible with any type of business. Go through their template by groups: photography, videography, business, design, restaurants and food, etc.

Wix has a user-friendly template( just drag-and-drop to make your website) that makes the building of a website for your small business an easy task. This small business website builder also provides free and secure online website hosting, and mobile capabilities.

2. Weebly

This tool is another small business website tool that has been in existence since the year 2007, and has remained common with small businesses. Weebly is an ideal match for businesses that are in dire need of a website, blogs, or online stores. This website design tool has a strong drag-and-drop editor, which makes it one of the most customizable services small business owners can lay their hands on. You can as well make use of their application market to customize your web development in whichever way you desire.

The services weebly offer goes beyond just website building, it is also capable of providing little marketing services, search engine optimization functionality, blogging and e-commerce services.

3. Duda

This tool offers an easy small website builder solution that is particularly beneficial if you are in search of tablet, mobile, and desktop capabilities. With this tool, you can transform your standard desktop website into a mobile site, or you can create a mobile website from the beginning. But this tool isn’t just for mobile, as a small business owner, they help you create properly-designed desktop websites with their user-friendly site-builder interface. Duda is equipped with an intuitive social media integration, including a beneficial built-in analytics system.

Duda also offer a custom service which works well for the biggest companies who are in need of the most capabilities from their business website.

4. WordPress

This tool is regarded as a small business favourite, but the reach of this tool has gone far beyond the small business rank: about 30% of all sites are created using WordPress. As a beginner, this tool is capable of providing your small business with one of the most easiest blog and website building platforms. So if you are a newbie in the business world, and you are in need of an easy business website to adopt, WordPress is the perfection choice.

There exist over 350 applicable templates for little businesses, and you can customize each of these templates to your taste, with your images, fonts, color, logo, etc. WordPress comes with a potential analytics tool, Including SEO capabilities, which is perfect if you want to know what people think of your site, and its performance on the internet.

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5. Yola

As a small business owner who wants the easiest possible experience, Yola is the best website building tool for you. With this platform, you can design a great website without the use of codes or technological skills. Actually, this small website building tool claims that you can create one of their free websites in few minutes, by simply utilizing several professionally designed and customizable templates.

6. Shopify 

Shopify is regarded as one of the best small business website builder you should consider if you’re establishing an online store. Shopify is capable of offering you several ways sell your products and integrate with various shopping environment, via an online store,and selling on Amazon, Facebook store, etc.

Shopify also provides your website with tools that will assist you in selling at trade fairs, on the go, at marketplaces, or anywhere in the flesh. Alongside your subscription, you are also entitled to a shopify point of sale system. The features of this system rises with each level of subscription.

As a small business owner, you are always occupied with other things, which is why you really need a small business website builder that is user-friendly, affordable, effective and fully functional. With any of the listed website building tools, you can create that ideal and functional website for your small business. So consider all that you require for your small business website, and make that decision!

7. Squarespace

Squarespace is a very-easy to use website builder and comes with many templates to choose from. It is not free but it offers different plans and the basic one is good up to 20 pages which for a small business should be enough to start with.

It offers a lot of functionalities and even a custom domain that can be used for free the first year (but after the first year you’ll have to pay renewal)

If you want to know how squarespace compares to wordpress read my blogpost! It will give you some more hints on how to choose the right solution for you.

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